Music Therapy

Date(s) - 01/13/2017
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Sophia Event Image

November of 2014, we had a special young lady come in and play her harp for all the animals, volunteers, and customers who came in that day. She hopes to bring a calm and healing environment for all to enjoy. The reaction from everyone, including the animals, was great! It seemed to be VERY relaxing for them, which is rewarding to see in such a stressful environment. She has graciously offered to do this for Northwoods Humane Society the second Friday of every month. If you’re around the shelter on any of these Fridays, please come in, have a listen, and watch the animals relax!

“We brought different dogs, cats, and kittens to the room so they could listen to the music. It was interesting to watch the impact that music had on each of the animals, and how their personalities were revealed as they relaxed, listened to the harp music, and were pet.”– Sophia’s mother, Ann

Bear Harp

Fred & Bridget Harp

Jet Harp

Kirby Harp

Kit Harp

Sophia in DA Harp