Surrender Your Pet

Northwoods Humane Society is a Limited Admissions Facility. We will not time out (euthanize) animals based on length of stay. By surrendering your pet to NHS, you will forfeit all rights, title, and interest in the animal to NHS. We evaluate each animal for possible placement and place as many animals as possible. The animal may be humanely euthanized if it has an unmanageable condition, poor temperament, or is otherwise deemed unadoptable. NHS accepts animals primarily from surrounding communities, but will also assist in emergency situations from other areas. Appointments are required to surrender animals. Call 651-982-0240 to speak with a staff member about surrenders. Please do not take surrendering your animal(s) lightly. Bring any veterinary records with the animal(s) so we can update their vaccines and disclose any prior medical conditions. We will ask you to fill out a statement of surrender and personality profile about your dog or cat. You can download the forms here:

or we can supply you with these forms when you arrive for your appointment. Please come to the door marked Incoming Animals, ring the doorbell, and a staff member will come assist you. Please have your dog or cat on a leash or in a carrier.

Intakes are available by appointment only. Surrendered animals are accepted for a fee. Cat fees are $40 per cat. Dog fees are $40 per dog. Litters of kittens or puppies are a minimum of $75 per litter. These fees are considered a donation and, therefore, tax deductible.

Strays will be referred to the appropriate Animal Control when applicable. Strays will be accepted by NHS if there is space and there is no agency (Animal Control) that will take the animal. NHS does not pick up stray animals. That function is handled by the appropriate Animal Control Agencies.

Wildlife and exotics will be referred to a rescue/rehab group, as NHS is only licensed by the state of Minnesota to handle dogs and cats (no reptiles, rodents, or other pocket pets will be accepted).